Thanksgiving Rewind

Here we are, three weeks until my due date, and I'm finally getting my act together and bringing this blog back to life. I can't bring myself to post the recent ptos and events until I've sufficiently caught up on the last few months.

Here's Thanksgiving Part 2 (The Lost Photos) at DeDe and Poppy's house in Texas--the quick and dirty version.

 What's Thanksgiving without a cousin duet on the piano with matching Thanksgiving attire? Cade and Penelope were happily reunited and back to their tricks. Little Ella just tried to keep up.

Penelope, playing the role of the patient patient.

But watch out Cade! Now the tables have turned.

Fun times!

Family photo op (plus stick) at the annual family Thanksgiving dinner at Nani's. The baby bump is just starting to make an appearance. The smile is masking the nausea has been there for awhile....

The three cousins miraculously pose together for a pic. Approximately 30 seconds later, all were attacked by biting ants.

This one of all of us didn't quite go as well. Just when you get the kids facing the right way, something goes awry with the adults.

Penelope talked Nani into sharing a piece of chocolate pie with her. Penelope talked about this for weeks afterwards.

Trying out Papa J's riding lawn mower.

Then finding a ride that was more her size.

DeDe and Penelope. 

So many sweet memories that trip with her cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents!

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