Christmas Take Two

Finally! The last of the Christmas pics. The rest of the Christmas photos are here.

We drove down to Texas for Christmas. (And what a drive it was!) Once we arrived at DeDe and Poppy's, one of the first stops was Old Saint Nick himself.

Just believe me when I say this was huge progress. Last year she burst into tears at the sight of him. This time we prepared her with lots of pep talks, and she tried to put on her bravest face, but after about a minute she just wanted to hightail it out of there.

Cade did his best to convince her to stay.

Once we left Santa's sight, Penelope quickly returned back to her crazy, outgoing self.

Cousin love

 Then it was time for another Christmas tradition--gingerbread cookies with DeDe. P was quite serious about those sprinkles.

Next stop was Mama J and Papa J's house. Only those with coordinating clothes were allowed in the pictures. (I think this picture was take 21 out of 50. Good thing the kids were good sports about it.)

Penelope took it upon herself to keep an eye on Ella.

The cousins again.

Cade making sure Penelope kept her dress down.

The gang with DeDe and Poppy

Our little family finally makes it into a picture--albeit a blury one. And the baby bump keeps growing... 

Opening presents at DeDe's and Poppy's. Penelope demonstrating alternate methods of unwrapping gifts.

It's so much more fun opening presents now that there are little kids to watch!

Penelope modeling her princess earrings. (Don't get ahead of yourself, girl! It's going to be quite awhile before the earrings in your ears are real.)

Best stocking stuffer ever--a kid sized flashlight. Imagine the possibilities.

Cade and Penelope's doctor game suddenly took on a new dimension.

Christmas Eve before church with Nani. (The presents just keep coming!)

Getting her new tea set from Nani ready for tea time with Poppy.

And that concludes the Christmas catch-up!

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