P Turns 3!

Happy 3rd Birthday Penelope!

Last year her party in the park was ruined by tornado warnings. This year made up for it. Not only did we get to celebrate Penelope's birthday with friends at one of our favorite parks, but the weather was beautiful and Poppy and DeDe got to join us for the celebration.

The parents trying to keep up with the kids as they followed the colored yarn through the park to the "buried treasure."

Reading a birthday card from a sweet friend.

Cupcake time!

Penelope wasn't quite sure what to make of all the people singing to her.

Make a wish!

After all of the weeks and months of talking about how she wanted cupcakes at her birthday party, this party girl took a few bites of the icing and said she was done.

Party guests mingling under the trees.

Trying to climb the big tree kept the kids occupied for quite awhile.

Penelope with one of her school friends.

Balloons for the birthday girl.

After the party was over we headed back home to open a few presents from family.

Can you say surprised?

The biggest surprise of all--a new bike from Poppy and DeDe.

Happy Birthday Penelope! We love you!

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