Blueberries, Oh My!

Summer time in NC means mosquitoes and high humidity, but thankfully it also means loads of fresh, juicy berries. And now that we've discovered a blueberry farm 15 minutes from our house, we have started a new summer tradition--blueberry picking!

After a short training session on the ins and outs of blueberry picking, Penelope was off to fill her bucket.

But for the next thirty minutes, she asked us over and over and over and over again, "Is this a good one? Is this a good one?"

In no time, Penelope was an expert blueberry picker.

We made sure to sample a few berries along the way, for quality control purposes, of course. Yum!

Baby Henry also came along for the experience.

Hello, expanding waistline!

Penelope giving Daddy some tips on finding the perfect berries. 

Sometimes you've really got to stretch to get the good ones.

Two buckets of berries later, we were ready to call it a day. 

Time to go stuff our faces with blueberries!

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