So Long Diapers!

Watching the workers fix the road--one of Penelope's highlights during "Potty-training Week 2011"

It's official. We've done away with diapers! After several grueling days (for Mommy anyways) of do-or-die toilet training and being confined to the house, it FINALLY clicked.


Exploring the Eno

Exploring the Eno River one hot summer day.

Upon discovering a green bug struggling on his back, Penelope kindly picked him up and put him to rest in the safety of a nut shell.

After much concerted efforts to save his life, the bug died.

The toddler was crushed.

May he (or she) rest in peace.


Mr. Murphy Would Be Proud

The crib has become a "couch" for bedtime stories.

Behold Penelope's new sleeping apparatus:

A Murphy bed from the early 1900's that we picked up at a local antique store a few years ago.

(Don't worry. We did replace the original feather bed and tightened up a few loose springs. Now it's as good as new!)

You just pull the knobs and fold it out into a bed. Voila! A perfect place for little P to catch some Z's.