My Little Sous-Chef

Who likes to eat up the veggies as fast as I chop them up.

"Quality control" is what she calls it.

The yummy result!

We make a pretty good team.


Date Night

Date night for us means date night for Penelope with her best pal, Chora

Penelope and Chora have finally moved from playing next to each other to playing with each other.

They teach each other new things, like how to hold the xylophone sticks the wrong way,

and how to pick their noses.

There are still squabbles over toys, but they are better about making up and moving on.

They're even figuring out how to share things,

like the occasional kiss.

Last weekend Chora and Penelope were all into tents. Our house was filled with squeals of delight as the girls ran in and out of our makeshift tent.

They were moving so fast in a flurry of excitement that it was difficult to capture a clear photo, but take my word for it that they were having a ball. 


Book Buddies

The scene I spied with my little eyes. Penelope reading a book to Baby Stella who sat in her stroller enamored with Penelope's tale.


Hat Day

The child who has always hated hats discovered this hat in her room and suddenly declared Saturday "Hat Day."

Waiting for Daddy to come home and join her.