Decorating for Christmas--Rewind

Another quick and dirty post that should have been done months ago...

In our 10 years of marriage, we have rarely decorated for Christmas. We're not Scrooges by any means. It just seemed like so much work when we're always gone visiting family for two or three weeks over the holidays. But this past Christmas we justified the decorating because we wanted Penelope to have some sort of family traditions to remember, and we did it right after Thanksgiving so we could have it around for a few weeks.

Penelope was quite the helper, and she wanted to know about each ornament.

For some reason, all of the ornaments she was in charge of hanging ended up on the same spot at the bottom of the tree. We'll have to work on her technique next time around.

She was very proud of her stocking.

But didn't understand that stockings were for hanging up, not putting on your feet.

Or for hiding away baby Jesus and the manger scene.

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